The Journey Begins

Placing words onto a page serves as a great way to process thoughts.  The act of articulating these inner musings well pushes beyond just a stream of consciousness to developing some central theme or idea that binds them all together.  And, of course, that is what makes a blog a blog. It has some message or reason around which the posts all orbit creating a small community of readers who find a home in the lexicon.  So what is the goal of this particular blog?

As you might guess based on all the website’s content, this corner of the web contains my chronicling of the world of web development.  And why does the world need yet another developer blog? Truth be told, the primary purpose of this space is about me. Yes, there will be posts on new technologies and happenings in the ever expanding digital world and maybe even a few tutorials.  However, the main content will be about my experience in learning, particularly through projects I will be attempting. This website, for example, started as a project to learn Next.js and then figure out how to have a blog live on it. So far, it seems to be working!

As new, crazy ideas for side projects come to mind, I’ll be sharing the ups and downs here.  My hope is that readers will learn from my struggles and feel that it’s okay if the code doesn’t perfectly compile on the first try (my search history is full of self-inflicted syntax errors to be sure!).  It will also hold me accountable of my own shortcomings so I can improve myself as a developer.

If you want to know more about my story, head on over to the About page for the details.  Want to chat? Hit me up on any of the socials and we’ll connect.

Happy coding!