• #100DaysOfCode - The Finish Line

    After 100 days of coding for at least one hour a day, here is the epic conclusion to the journey.

  • #100DaysOfCode - The End In Sight

    The challenge of 100 consecutive days of coding is now closer to the end than beginning. In this third quarter sprint, some circumstances have slightly changed.

  • #100DaysOfCode - Half Way There

    The half-way mark has been reached on the journey to 100 days of consecutive coding. Here is how things have progressed so far.

  • Choosing Sanity.io

    After perusing many options for a backend that could host blog content, I began using Sanity.io as a viable option. Here is how it's gone after a month of use.

  • #100DaysOfCode - First Quarter Finished

    After completing 25 days of #100DaysOfCode, a few takeaways are already starting to surface both for its benefit and hesitation.

  • The Journey Begins

    Every blog begins with a purpose and it's that purpose that draws the reader in. With that in mind, learn about why I'm writing this blog in the first place!